Pivot 110: I am sensing Heaven on Earth

In any moment, there are two opposite readings: negative/positive; hell/heaven! It’s becoming clear again…


  • G and I are sitting in the kitchen talking politics and feeling sad, afeared, judgmental. SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, to have someone to sit and chat politics to, here in this safe and nourishing kitchen.
  • ‘I’ve got so much work to do… Erg.’ SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, to have customers and clients and purpose in life.
  • Seeing the news on the TV and feeling aghast. SWITCH&SPOT => Switch the TV over and watch a nature programme that reconnects me to the planet and to the purpose of caring. I am no longer a passive victim, but an active contributor educating myself. This is heaven on Earth.
  • It’s suddenly pouring with rain, harrumph. SWITCH&SPOT =>  This is heaven on Earth – we are granted pure water and it all smells amazing. And I am dry inside.
  • I’m in a therapy session and touching on past pains SWITCH&SPOT => This is heaven on Earth, because now I can go back to my Younger Me and comfort her, meaning I feel safer on this planet across time, and can get better at taking care of myself now too.

What do you say? Good work, eh?

Beautiful work. And as you start to shimmer in those Good Feeling Thoughts, you become a ‘vibrational match’ (to use Abraham’s term) to all the Good Things in your Vortex.

I hope I become a Vibrational Match to this new era.

That is in your Vortex. 

And where does prayer fit with all this?

In olden times of yours, you leant in to ‘begging’ prayers from a place wanting and needing – it blocked your progress somewhat. Now you are learning to pray by vibrationally matching the desired state, whether it be for yourself or for the collective. 

Lorie Ladd says we are clearing the collective consciousness by holding light – and that this is why it can feel uncomfortable and tiring. What do you say to this?

We say, keep changing your perspective to ‘this is comfortable and easeful’. Abraham Hicks is right: select your thoughts to give you a good feeling thought. Over-thinking what we are ‘doing’ is a 3D perspective. Sense, feel, be, appreciate, bask, melt, perceive the heaven-on-Earthness of each moment. That is all that is required of you right now. That is your radical ‘prayer’ for the wellbeing of all things. 

Yeah, it’s dodging the temptation to let empathy towards people who are suffering become the dominant thought, right? Including ourselves.

The invitation is clear: let the reading of the Positive Aspects in your vibrational reality overcome you like a wave of heartfelt love. Be washed and bathed in it. Steer yourself ever into the slow lane of appreciation, comfort, stillness, relaxation, relief… and pootle there. 

And when my work’s complex?

Bless it! Stand back and marvel at it! Remind yourself: This is heaven on Earth. I asked to serve at this time, and here I am. Serving, to the best of my ability, giving my best, making a difference, living in purpose, driven by mission. This is what physical life is all about. I’m playing the life game and I’m revelling in all it has to give me. I know it’s going well because I can access feelings of appreciation, relief and wellbeing. That is the indicator that everything is moving with the momentum of joy and goodness, which is veritably Heaven on Earth. 

Declare it: this is Heaven on Earth! 


And then whisper it, from a heartfelt place: this is Heaven on Earth! Feel it, sense it, emanate it, transmit the feeling outward… This is the Work of this day, to start a ball rolling amongst you all, of belief that this world is genuinely whatever you make it… and what you make it depends on your perception, which does not depend on external ‘conditions’, but on your internal decision. 

From scarcity to abundance. I remember working with that when I was 22…

Feels like a long journey, huh?

Must be a worthy one.

It is. Today: I am sensing Heaven on Earth

Ok, thank you. What a roller coaster… xx

I am sensing Heaven on Earth

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