Pivot 111: I am saying “Maybe”

It’s been nearly a week since I was last here. The work of sensing – and internally declaring ‘This is heaven on Earth!’ is powerful, beautiful stuff. Thank you for this. Thank you so much, wherever this is coming from. I’m so grateful. As the world unravels, I have a lens which tells me, ‘This is it – we are learning to creative – consciously or unconsciously…’

I’m working on a really tough case at the moment, in that my two clients are deeply disturbed and distressed by each others actions, and I am waking up in the night thinking of them. My adrenals are limping along… I am looking forward to connecting here. I need to hear you again and download whatever it is I need to receive to benefit from the lessons available to me now.

Ok. Time to settle in, go in, turn on the ‘receptive mode’, bypass head, enter heart, catch the waves of the invisible realm…

***InnerBalance15minMed-87%coherence and av.co3.7***


Sometimes it’s a case of trusting. In the process. In your skills. In your wisdom. But even more importantly, remembering to trust in their process, their skills, their wisdom. Stop trying to do the work for them, yes? 

That is so true. I do try and do the heavy lifting… Probably because I want to assure success for myself, I guess..?

No need for self-criticism, but yes, you are doing the heavy lifting. What you can do is continue to offer new information, new tools, new perspectives. People are learning new things all the time – to introduce alternative perspectives is fine. Just allow the person to take their own route downstream. You don’t know what the downstream route (of least resistance) is for the person – and nor do they necessarily… So just introduce the concept of eeeeeease. Bring some ease to the process with them. 

That’s helpful. I guess I sometimes wonder if I’m edging into psychotherapy… which is not my role.

This world is an Emotional Hospital. All beings are here to experience and modulate emotion. All beings are here to learn the meaning of emotions – their own and others. None are exempt. If you feel you are speaking out of turn, you can cease – but remember, questions are merely invitations to introspection, and without introspection it is hard to leave conflict behind. 

Is there anything else you think I should bring to my practice?

Boundaries are key. You know when you are ‘out of bounds’ when you feel tight and taut. You know when someone has traversed your boundaries when… you sense your eyes rolling – you are in judgement of them and that is not fair on them. So make your boundaries clear, and do not let others stumble over them, for the good of all. 

And what would be your advice to me for today? I’m frazzled physically already…

We say REST. Rest your eyes, your mind, your soul. You have been pushing. 

I know… I’m tired. I didn’t stop over the weekend… (Went to see my folks for the first time since early March! In their new house  – they moved house during lockdown!) I shall aim to gather qi. That will help me reestablish healthy boundaries too.

I sense you’ve something else to say.

It is not our intention to instruct however we see something we think you could improve on. Where you see disunity, see unity. 


Where you see disunity (anger, offence, intolerance, injustice, corruption), see unity (happiness, understanding, equity, justice, trustworthiness). 


With your will. Every time you lay your eyes on images of fascism, racism, bigotry (feel the tug inside you when we say those words? They are magnetic..) use your mind to create an alternative image. This is the proper use of will, imagination and visualisation. 

Remember how we talked about stopping and switching from the UNWANTED to the WANTED? Now we are talking about making the INVISIBLE VISIBLE. What does this mean? It means this: 

What is VISIBLE to you is the result of ‘yesterday’s thinking’. Your thinking today is creating the future reality of tomorrow, so think with care, using your ‘sifting and sorting’ through CONTRAST (yes/no, good/bad, wanted/unwanted) to prompt conscious creation or what Abraham would call, Deliberate Creation.

If what is visible is PLEASING to you, magnify it. 

If what is visible is NOT PLEASING, then replace it with the visualisation of its opposite or improved alternative. 

This is a subtle and powerful technique.

Think of something you have seen which is NOT PLEASING. 

Ok. Easy:



Can you ‘pivot’ this? 

I can…………… I suppose….. Hang on. Let me take a mo… I’m not sure if the pleasing alternative is:

  • a plane flying a BLM banner or
  • a plane dropping something neutral – love hearts, £5 notes, messages of kindness or
  • or just an empty blue sky…

Help me here.

What do you suppose actually ‘happened’ in that moment of the plane flying by? 

Intense emotional reactions from all that saw it, whether of joy, pride, awe, or wrath, judgement, horror, or mirth, amusement, scandal….

Exactly. So now, think again about the pivot. 

In the pivoted alternative, there was an event where … no intense emotions were felt. No – there was an event and it did not produce POLAR emotions (Yes!/No!).

We are getting much closer now. How about: there was an event and people were neutral or balanced as a result. Now this is either because the event was ‘less inflammatory’ or because the people were more assured of themselves, less easily swept up. In other words, can you imagine a world where there was coherence – just like your mind state enters when you land on ‘heart coherence’? Can you use your reaction against the ‘displeasing’ thought to prompt yourself to work on seeing a world that is more united, loving, considerate, assured, collective, peaceful…

I see a see-saw that shifts from ‘very long’ with a big bump at each end, to a shorter/lower version of the original.

Yes. The polarity becomes less extreme. Excellent.

Now, where does such a concept begin? 

Arghghghgh…. Ehem. *brightly* In me.

Yes. So, rather than throwing yourself to one end or other of any see-saw, make your see-saw ever shorter/lower – and constantly ‘calibrate’ (a little more, a little less) to keep your seesaw almost at neutral. 

Aha! I get it… Yes. Almost at neutral. Keep a more calibrated outlook. It’s not to say things out there don’t matter. Oh man… It’s to say that internally, I am calibrating my response, so I don’t lurch out on either Goodeeee! or Baddieee! All that I see, I respond to with a balanced eye. When I see something displeasing, I don’t chase it down and magnify it, I use my mind to switch to the preferred alternative in my MIND. Once I’ve visualised it, I let the displeasing thing go. Thus, displeasing things are something I can be even grateful for – as I take them as PROMPTS to visualise (ie create) the PREFERRED FUTURE ALTERNATIVE.

How shall I remember this today?

The word ‘Maybe’ is a great calibrator. It gives ease, breathing space, possibility, time, and the invitation to let the ‘invisible world’ intervene, as Alberto Villoldo might say. 

Can we talk about the invisible world?


Ha. Very good. Ok.

May. Be. It may / be. I see. So much possibility there, especially if I am leaning in to softness, optimism, confidence, faith, trust…

Yes, may be. 

It’s slippery though, eh? Empheral. You can’t get a handle on it.

That’s the idea. To get comfortable with the absolute (ha!) mutability of all things. If all things are mutable, and they are, then there is simply nothing, no-thing, to be worried about. Simply create the wanted out of the embers of the unwanted. 

Ok. Maybe that’s it… Ty. x

I am saying “Maybe” #seesawcalibration 


Pivot = ‘Maybe love is round the corner… Maybe. Just maybe.’


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