Pivot 41: Lead with your body

TO POLISH A TILE: Zuikan was a Zen master who always used to address himself. “Zuikan? ” he would call. And then he would answer. “Yes! ” “Zuikan? ” “Yes! ” Of course he was living all alone in his small zendo, and of course he knew who he was, but sometimes he lost himself. And whenever he lost himself, he would address himself, “Zuikan? ” “Yes! ” … That is why we should always address ourselves, checking up on ourselves like a doctor tapping himself. This is very important. This kind of practice should be continued moment after moment, incessantly. Zen Mind p81-83


Having aligned with our inner being and higher self…

And having learnt to summon ourselves, or ‘address ourselves’, and bring ourselves to attention… 

We are now going to play with some archetypes, to see how easy it is to choose our frequency, to select our mood, to align with a framework of our choice. As one learns this art, one can start to decide the archetype and vibrational pattern which best suits our desired outcomes. 

Today we shall choose an archetype of poise, of grace and of inner steel: the Principal Ballerina. 

Keep addressing yourself today, and come back to the archetype. Lean upon her focus, her internal power, her softness, her might, her absolute will to proceed, her partnership with beauty. 

And why the ‘principal’ ballerina? Why not just the ‘ballerina’?

Because of the need to work with the theme of solitude. The ballerina is blessed by her cohort. The principal on the other hand must be prepared to go out on to her stage solo. Dancing solo is on the one hand a greater challenge – but on the other hand, it gives the dancer scope for deeper, richer creative expression. 

And why ‘ballerina’ as opposed to ‘ballet dancer’?

The feminine spirit in you is key right now. Key. Remember we talked about fire dragons? This. This world needs feminine-spirited fire dragons right now. Right now. 

The Principal Ballerina takes her creative expression to new places. And how? By endlessly, effortlessly, powerfully standing up to polish the tile of her practice. Hour after hour after hour, every day. 

Your invitation is to HELP PEOPLE in this extraordinary moment in human history. This involves waking up, standing up, mastering your alignment and… getting out on stage and dancing. Remain not in the rehearsal room, dear soul. Get out on stage and dance, for the love of life and all that is human. Now is the moment of self-forgetfulness. Don your pointe shoes and forget yourself. Let the music carry you. 

A ballerina leaping

I remember how I used to dance around the sitting room to Swan Lake. And how, when I had a gift voucher, I spent it on a tutu (which turned out to be maddeningly scratchy). I remember how I loved ‘doing’ ballet even into my teenage years. I love now how it seems to overlap with qigong.

Keep close to the sense of your body, and your physical expression. You are a very kinesthetic person. Your body informs your mood, spirit and frequency. Lead with your body. 

And what one thing would you have me do today?

Cancel social contact, practise social distancing, for the love of all that is kind and fair.

Ty. Will do.

Lead with your body.  


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