Pivot 73: I am using my body as a Feel Good GPS

Here’s what I learnt about tuning into Feel Good FM yesterday:

  • Breathe and wriggle (eg neck or spine) to reboot when feeling stuck
  • Invite ‘Lurking Concerns’ to step forward for reassurance or action – do a SCARF (David Rock) check on them
  • State, ad infinitum, “iFeel Good now because…” and fill in the blank – endlessly programming the brain to attend to and magnify what increased the good feeling
  • Limit work – because work currently means sitting on my backside with no direct human interaction, and that traps stress, is mentally exhausting, and makes me lose conditioning (I felt so heavy and slow this weekend.) Treat work as a privilege and limit myself to up to 5 hours on the backside, or 6 if there’s a 3 hour client session. Otherwise, up on the feet and moving the body!

It’s Monday morning, and yet again the prospect of work is making me feel sick with stress. I am training a team of quite focussed/stressed HR professionals today. I don’t know them. They know each other. They don’t want to waste their time – no one does, yet training invariable fundamentally runs that risk for people. I am awash with cortisol. I am back to thinking not sensing. I f***ing hate it.

The One Priority is to Feel Good. Not just at the weekends but every day. Think: ‘363 days left before the simulator is switched off…’ Would you want to run towards the end like a panting marathon runner, or would you prefer to slip into zen consciousness and draw to the end in a state of…



I want to be awake, please.

Ok. So, this Feeling Good business. It’s central. 

I remember Abraham speaking really clearly on this. Let me find a quote…

There are a few. The phrase I looked for was ‘selfish enough to prioritise feeling good‘.

What a trip, eh? To prioritise feeling good? What seemingly ‘Critically Important’ facets of your life would you need to give up to feel good?

Doing work that upsets my beautiful, Aspie nervous system. Like training.

“But you’re really good at training! And the money is good and safe.”

But. It. Frazzles. Me. In a way that casework doesn’t. I have a choice:

  1. Resign from all training now, and tell my agencies I won’t do it.
  2. Put energy and attention into casework so it grows organically.

Number 1 feels like the quickest way to relief and feeling good, but financially it might be a bit churlish seeing as we’re in the situation we are in.

Number 2 needs my courage, clarity and commitment.

Can you feel the good feeling feelings about casework? 


Can you revel in that for a moment? 


Who is that imagined scenario helping? 

Well the clients, but also me.

Can you be selfish enough to accept the gift of a work scenario which feeds and uplifts and nourishes you? 

Yes. I love to be a problem-solver. I love that. I love to meet people who believe they have completely intractable problems and take them on a process which unravels the problem and welcomes the solution. That is good for me. It’s reassuring, and it makes me feel I know my place in the world. The juicier the problem the better, because I know that as it unravels, we are all coming into contact with something bigger than any of us. And the trust and faith of the clients is what turns on the tap of that incoming goodness.

Sounds pretty good. No wonder you like it..

Yes. No wonder..! So, how best can I prioritise tuning into Feel Good FM today, and this week?

Your intention must be really clear. Not vacuous or ‘flaccid’. 

Ha. Ok!

If your intention says: ‘Here I am, in my world, owning what feels good for me, tuning into my Feel Good FM station, and benefitting from my connection with my Source, and basking in the connectedness I now sense with all beings. Here I am, connecting my heart to my work, and gently decommissioning my head. Here I am, thanking my head for having done its very best, and now relaxing into being a heart-centred worker bee in the hive of all sweetest honey. Here I am, thanking myself for all my hard work in the past, and now accepting the pure goodness that comes from saying “Yes!” to that which makes me feel good. Here I am, welcoming the paradigm of Feeling Good into my world, and inviting it to settle in and to stay. Here I am, loving my beautiful brain and my incredibly vibrant nervous system, and offering them the bounty of SENSING over thinking.’ …then you really will be in a happy place. 

Beautiful. It’s about embracing that selfishness…

More than that, it’s about embracing the SENSE of feeling good. Again, you gotta be out of thought-mode, you gotta be in your body to feel good. The feeling good is sensed not thought, ok? 

Ok, get in my body, and sense feeling good. And if I don’t sense feeling good? Move, change, shift?

Use your body as a Feel Good GPS system, and remain ‘alive’ to it’s guidance. If your body is saying, “At the next roundabout perform a U-turn!” then follow it’s guidance. Stop hurtling the wrong way down the dual carriageway and expect to get to your desired destination. Take the U-turns when your body indicates. 


Ok. Ty. I will do this thing. 🙂 May I listen carefully to the directions of my body.

I am using my body as a Feel Good GPS



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