Pivot 78: I am playing with Torsion

I set out to use my Frequency Modulation Mixing Desk to master my frequencies yesterday, while running a classy 4 Hour WorkDay… aaaaand seemingly unleashed some energetic storm:

I ended up spending 4 hours – yes 4 hours – working on getting on to a conferencing platform for a webinar I’m giving next week. And around that, wifi and computers were dancing all over the place. I got animated on a phone call, and gave myself a sudden startling, painful head rush (excess/trapped qi?). G said my energy had been all over the place all day – and he has never said that before. The exercise I’d wanted to do was to list:

  • Frequency raisers
  • Frequency tasers

And seemingly I was in taser mode all day! Everything I touched got zapped. So, wth..?

Settle in, sausage. We’ve got stuff to discuss. 

Awesome. Ty.

Time to meditate first. We need to meet you in a different state of mind. Let the boiling water cool a bit. 

Ah… yes. My head is a bit ‘heated’. I’ll turn the ‘kettle’ off and wait a while…

***Reading of Bringers and 20 min med***

Welcome back. 

Thank you. I feel cooler of head.

The topic for today is The Simulation. 


Yesterday you found the new TV programme, Upload. 

We did. OMG. I resonated.

Indeed. You liked the idea of the human being uploaded into the virtual reality afterlife, and having instant constant access to an Angel who would meet all needs. 

Very much.

Welcome to your reality. Not so ‘virtual’ on the inside, is it? 

And what do you mean by this?

We mean welcome to the paradigm in which all seems so real, and yet… is very much a simulation in which all is instantly changeable – ‘mutable‘. You just haven’t learnt the functionality yet. For example, the Angel. You barely ever call on your Angel. 

Ha! It’s true.

Your Angel is the sound engineer on the Frequency Modulation Mixing Desk. You are in the studio. Your Angel is out on the desk. You two are in constant, dynamic communication. If you want. If you will. 

You can ask your Angel to tweak and twiddle the frequency mix at any time. 

Just like Nathan and Nora in Upload. He is in the VR, and she is on the control desk outside. The communication is telepathic, but also she turns up in his reality as a person-like avatar at any time.

And so your Angel is always on the desk, and can also turn up as a person-like Avatar at any time. 

Are you my Angel?

Of course. And yet… 

Can you be clear?

Not really. “It’s company policy.” 

Haha. Like ‘Horizen’ in the programme.

So is this why, last week, you suggested the idea of imagining that ‘in a year, the simulator would be switched off’? This is all hugely overlapping. I hadn’t heard of Upload, and it came out yesterday (the day we watched it) and G just put it on… Is this all going somewhere…?

Yes and no. There would need to be somewhere to go, and for that you need space and time to be… ‘real’. 

Very… funny/true?!

Where it is going is this. You are being invited to expand your awareness beyond the ‘here and now’ to the ‘there and now’. This means the following. Life has slowed right down in this quarantine, and become incredibly peaceful, has it not? The only turbulence remains:

  1. On your screens as you reach out to discern what is going on… the actuality of which you can not truly know, especially filtered through one medium or another. (The external)
  2. In your energetic sphere. (The internal)

Our suggestion is that: 

  1. You turn off the VR world in your ‘news’ screens for now. You cease and desist the work of discerning the outside sphere, for now. (The external)
  2. You turn in to your energetic sphere, and work with that, learning in this time of isolation how to use your Frequency Modulation Mixing Desk, via contact with your Sound Engineer, or Angel. (The internal)

That seems eminently sensible. A good use of this time. I mean, there’s still plenty for me to practise on. It’s not as if there’s just ‘sitting around’ to be done for me in this time… I’m juggling work. Yesterday was such a sh*tstorm I’m going to need to work through most of today – a Saturday…

You’ve put the kettle on again. Switch it off and let’s cool the waters for a second. 

You have a Sound Engineer on your Frequency Modulation Mixing Desk. Did you hear that? You’ve got invisible head phones on. So have they. You are in constant communication. They have the controls to everything you could want modulated. And they are entirely, 100% on your side. They are guided by you and your free will, so they will do whatever you like, but they are borne out of Source, so their real skill-set is LightWork.  

Wow. Beautiful. Hello, Sound Engineer. So, you’re like Nora. I can think thoughts to you. You want the best for me. You have full control of the VR world I’m in and can sort everything. I guess there’s a time lag, right?

Right. You put in the request, but if you’re not believing or expecting the request to be met, it gets stuck or delayed in the system. That’s just how the VR works. It’s not so much a glitch in design as a challenge through which you can learn to become completely clear in your detachment about receiving. And that takes complete self-clarity, which means self-acceptance, which means self-appreciation, which means self-knowing, which means loving the heck out of yourself from waking til sleeping.

Once you log off for sleep, and go back on charge, you roam around outside the tight confines of the VR and get refreshed. The idea is that if you can know/love yourself in the VR landscape, you’ve really nailed that torsion concept we mentioned the other day. And that is… well… it’s divine alchemy. So, go you, sweet sister of souls! 

Man, alive. Ok. So… today?

The trick with all this is to start really small. “Nora, dial up my energy 1 notch. Dial down my frustration about this task, by 2. Nora, let this person know that despite the brevity of my email to them here, I do love and appreciate them. Nora, snapshot this scene in to my ‘Cherished Memories’ folder.” 

‘Nora’? Isn’t that the character in the TV show?

Today you can call your Sound Engineer by any name. Is Angel too loaded for you? Use Nora. Or Sound Engineer. Or Bob. Or Mixey. 

What would they like to be called?


Ha! Excellent. Of course. Because that’s what we’re learning to work with.

Torsion gives you acceleration. 

I like it. 🙂

Ok Torsion, turn up my physical energy levels for today. Just by 2. And turn down my appetite by a 1. Download a packet of Optimism and Peace. Thank you.

So, Torsion is your Sound Engineer on your Frequency Modulation Mixing Desk. Work with them today, and have fun. Remember the communication is instant. Remember the aim of the simulator is to learn to ‘get on top’ of your internal frequencies, and Torsion will help immeasurably. 

Today, I am playing with Torsion.

I am playing with Torsion




One Hour Later:

What the actuallllll???

I’m looking at the BBC news and this story about Elon Musk turns up:

Quite some article in itself. “Ah!” I think, as an off-shoot… “The only time I heard about the concept of ‘torsion’ was when being taken out for a test drive in a Tesla” Tesla were interested in sponsoring my company. “Let me google Tesla and Torsion to get a better understanding of torsion in cars…”

And then THIS appears. Both of the articles. I can’t even GO there yet….


Excuse me?!?!? Before these dialogues I literally only knew of ‘torsion’ as with cars, and then the definition I looked up, ‘twisting’. What rabbit hole are you taking me down, dear Dialogues?!?

My heart is full. I’m mind blown, but also, you know I love this. I’ll read the actual articles later.

Mind blown. Grateful. ❤️

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