Pivot 80: I am practising coherence

When I settled into that idea of generating torsion from my heart outwards, this concept arose in me…

Today is for me…  I get it. Everything in this day is a gift to be received. Appreciation is all that is called for of me.

With this insight I could stop worrying about what others thought. I wasn’t and am not here to give unto others at the expense of my own health. That is just not true. It’s the same for us all. (Hence the awfulness of sending health and social care workers in to care for individuals with Covid-19, with providing them with PPE.)

Everyday is a birth day, when you are in the receiving mode. 

Yes. And part of yesterday’s bonus was harnessing energy to push things off my desk like a snow plough.

Tell me more about this energy generation work, please.

You studied the Heart a little this morning. You are starting to learn (again) about heart coherence. When you have heart coherence, you are also generating more energy than you are expending. Incoherence, of heart or body or qi is draining. Any type of coherence is extremely enlivening. 

With torsion, it’s like you’re pulling in/out, up/down and twisting all at once. Like ‘knocking on the door of life’ in qigong. Rotating on a point that is also connected up and down.

Mastering the horizontal plane and the vertical at once: that marks the coherence that is attainable in the torsion field. And it is the auto-generating state. 

Practise ‘coherence’ today. Play with the word. Absorb it. Mull it over. Be with coherence today. 

Will do. Ty. xx

I am practising coherence


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