Pivot 90: I am learning what makes my Heart sing

Yesterday, ‘running an organised clinic’ was such a satisfactory and heart-lifting day. There was a powerful experience of NO LONGER being head down pushing my own agenda/business, grimly grinding through ‘back stage’ admin, but of being re-organised and re-orientated towards availability. My new scheduling system is amazing. No more emails about ‘diarising’ , and then, when in scheduled meetings (with a start and an end, crucially), people (and me) valuing my/our limited time, and our being more efficient.

I had this strong sense of…:

‘It’s my mission in mediation to facilitate the improved psychological wellbeing of all.’ #IPWOA

Why ‘of all’? Well, in mediation, when we find resolution, this brings IPW to the parties, to their families/colleagues/dependents, to me (I am nourished by the work), the community and the All across time and space- intergenerational healing is a thing to.

I can’t tell you the relief this brings, because it so RESONATES. Something has happened in these last weeks that’s allowed me to feel I can be of service in the psychological sphere – before, I had withheld that belief…

[Study Time: Did the intro to the Mindfulness at Work 7 day course]

Yesterday, my Inner Balance  device arrived. Let’s try it out with the app too. Here’s an intro video.


That was interesting! The Inner Balance heart monitor and smart phone app make for a clever, simple biofeedback device. If your mind jumps on to something funky (= heart incoherence), you can see it on the screen (and the phone buzzes). Similarly, once you rise into a heart-focussed state (heart coherence) you see that too. And the shift is palpable in the body – I’d just never noted that Feeling 1 was ‘incoherence’ and Feeling 2 was ‘coherence’. That’s what biofeedback is for – to coach you into knowing your own body and brain better, and reading its signals better.

A bit daunted that I’m meant to use it for 5 mins 3 times a day. Let’s see!

I noted that settling in to a thought of ‘well-organised clinic’ gave me excellent heart coherence!

So for today?

Use your Inner Balance machine – before events with other people. 

I have 2 client calls, an online training to deliver and my fortnightly psychotherapy.

Perfect. Note down what thoughts/images give you a sense of heart coherence. 

Ah, this is the Memory Bank idea I had.

Exactly. What is in your past, present and future Memory Bank? What uplifts your Heart. 

So use the Inner Balance not just to calm myself before meetings with people, but to work out what makes my Heart sing… Nice. 

I am learning what makes my Heart sing

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