Presence 43: I am embracing physical presence

My beloved youngest was notified of a positive Covid test result yesterday. She’s 4 hours drive away at university. I am calling upon all perfect wellbeing and complete recovery for her – and her housemates who tested positive, and for all people and beings across the planet. May all beings be well, and be healed, and thrive. May all beings know they are safe in their beautiful bodies. May all feel safe now.




Embracing physical presence is the first step we take toward accomplishing a permanent shift from reactive to responsive behavior…. During childhood, we began the habit of mentally leaving our physical body and departing full awareness of our current surroundings to enter the illusory mental experience called “time.” We did this as a fearful reaction to what was happening in the present. It’s this simple: we lost our awareness of Presence through fear. Fear causes evacuation from the body. Through fear, we trade Presence for the mental armor of pretence…It’s now not so difficult to embrace the possibility that the challenging, fearful experiences that have shadowed us from the past are all disguised opportunities for growth and gain. They are emotional fuel cells yet to be tapped. We may not have the capacity to perceive this while still perceptually bound by the effects of these causal experiences, but this possibility becomes available as we enter present moment awareness.

(The Presence Process, extracts from p188-9)

In meditation today, I worked with the Continuous Conscious Breathing and a good solid Audible Out-Breath (AOB/dragon-breathing), to open up Present Moment Awareness. It was like I could sense old memories defrosting and floating up to the surface of my awareness. As they came in to view, I could catch the old ‘felt-perception’ associated with those difficult experiences. These were from when I was 21/22 – complexities around the ‘reaction’ of friends and family to my becoming pregnant. It felt good to note the feelings that had been lodged frozen in my body…. and to do so with fresh Present Moment Awareness. I was able, I think, to integrate them. This felt like ‘sloughing’ off the emotional charge. Like the older, wiser me was saying: ‘Yes, that was tough at the time. And now we’re here.’

Thoughts today?

We want to talk to you about ‘downloads’. 


By downloads we mean the fragments of intelligence you scoop from the etheric field as you make space in your self. The more you integrate old charged emotions, the more space you make for such downloads. 

Ah. I’ve been wondering about ‘downloads’ re certain changes and decisions ahead which have been taking time to ‘materialise’ in my head. So… it’s about making space in the system?

We’ve spoken before about ‘defragging’ the system. That’s what you are doing as, more and more successfully and consistently, through meditation, breathwork, qigong and walking, you ’embrace physical presence’ – as Michael Brown puts it so well. 

That’s encouraging to hear…

You are clearing space in your RAM and your desktop in this way. This allows more space for downloads. 

What is a download? These ‘fragments of intelligence scooped from the etheric field’? Tell me more?

The receptive mind attunes itself to infinite intelligence and meets it ‘on the high flying disc’ plane. On that plane, information is multidimensional. That means it consists not of linear ideas or statements, but of bundles of informational impressions. Does that make sense?


So these bundles of informational impressions, when fully downloaded into the still mind, then translate into intuitive knowledge

That is so beautiful. I hear you. There is so much hear… haha typo, here. So, the still mind is my responsibility.

If you like. But it’s fairly incidental what you intend to ‘achieve’. The good stuff is pouring in all the time. 

Ok… But do I translate it in to intuitive knowledge?

As you feel safe, you will better enter your own body, and that is where you pick up and translate the intuitive knowledge. There is no rush in this work. But yes, you could enjoy ’embracing physical presence’ even more. 

I’ve got a TRE session booked today for the first time in … months?! Sounds like a good place to launch ’embracing physical presence.’ Ty – and ty MBrown.

Love and blessings to my girls, and to all upon this planet. May we all embrace our physical presence, and download perfect wellness into our systems.

I am embracing physical presence




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