Pivot 103: Today I am affirming: Love is Rising UP

Forgive me, for I have been a channel of disharmony.

You have spoken your truth. 

With emotion – and some anger.

You have spoken your truth, and made your request clear. 

I need to feel that others can Listen. To me. Without flinching, recoiling, trying to escape.

The fact of the matter is that you know how to speak so people (or a person) will listen. Are you able to reflect that you have the power to be heard? 

Yes. Why do I always have to be ‘on top of’ my emotions though? Why is that on me?

Because that is how good communication works. The emotions are action-requiring messages for you – not for the person apparently triggering those emotions. So work with the emotion, and respond to it, in your own time – and then approach the person. For example:  Anger = I need better boundaries. So don’t go rushing up to the person you’re angry with and demand they respect your boundaries! Instead, take time to understand your boundaries, and establish them internally. Then come back to the person, and see how – automatically in response to your internal shift – they behave differently towards you. And if you find the shift hasn’t occurred, go away again and work on your boundaries. This is what it means to be on top of your emotions. 

Was I jealous?

What is the message of jealousy? 

I need to feel valued / valuable?

Jealousy is certainly the need to clarify our value. It’s about self-appreciation. If you appreciation yourself fully, you will never feel jealous. 

Thank you.

Can we pick up from last session?

One note: the work you are doing with Hunter on your hara is good. Radiating energy or feminine magnetism from your hara is good. Why? Because it is the final piece on the jigsaw of head – heart – hara. And when these three are aligned, you can bring your full self to the world – which is what is needed of all individuals now. 

I see the BLM protestors really acting from their head – heart – hara: fully-embodied, fully in the love state, fully activated.

The BLM song-singers are a wonder to behold. Love is rising up. 

Love IS rising up! It is so moving and powerful. So here we are, talking about envisaging PULL on Earth. WHAT is happening?

Love is rising up. Not merely intellectually, from the head. Nor even just passionately, from the heart. But with fully embodied ‘eros’, from the hara. That magnetic ‘love for all’ is flowing through the peoples of this world. They have paused and rested under lockdown and recovered some sense of identity having taken time off the hamster wheel; they have faced the fear of death as they wonder if they will be affected by the virus; they have fallen on their knees with gratitude towards the key workers; they have awoken to the true intentions of their governments; they have found themselves energised to spring forth from their lockdown isolation with… not just anger, or righteous indignation, or wrath… but with newly activated CLARITY in their heads, LOVE in their hearts, and MAGNETIC ENERGY in their hara. This is an uprising of Love. 

Immense. Immense! This really is the day we have been waiting for.

Unity is no easy matter on this planet of judgment. 

We needed something as all consuming as a pandemic to get clear on the injustices and broken systems we were living by.

Better than that. You needed something as all-consuming as a pandemic to discover that nothing is more important than Love for All. 

May I contribute?

You don’t need to ask for this, but you can pray for it.

May I contribute to this Uprising of Love. May I play my part in feeding the flames of burning Love-for-All. May I lend my head – heart – hara to this explosion of Love towards all beings. May I lean in to the joy of this Moment, and put my magnifying attention only upon those green shoots of planetary healing, and magnificent oak trees of long-standing love. May I see only Love – and may I know in my bones that where I see disharmony, anger and wrong-doing that I am merely watching the old rising up before it collapses fades out. May I magnify Love & Unity wherever I see it, knowing that Love is the invincible Creative Force. May I stand for Love. May I hold a candle, a torch and spot-light up to all that stands for Love. May I not retreat into fear, but turn my consternation in to confidence that Love is rising up as it has always done. Peace, unity, love and light. Now and forever.

Amen, sweet soul. Beautifully expressed. Your heart is starting to pulsate to the divine drum. You are being liberated from old concerns. Shrug them off, and move into the dance of life – from your hara up. This is the day of the divine feminine to meet with the divine masculine. Draw forward all the magnetic energy you have and radiate it into the world as you most powerfully can. Eyes on the prize. Love is rising up. 

Today, your work is ‘simply’ – but with head – heart – hara – to affirm this knowing. Simply affirm with all that you are, that Love Is Rising Up on this planet, in this Day. Affirm it, see, it, feel it, hear, it, speak it. Encourage the young, reassure the not so young. Everything is hand. Lend your creative manifestation to this timeless truth: Love is Rising UP.

Got it. Thank you! Amen.

Today I am affirming: Love is Rising UP



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