Pivot 96: I am relishing what is, and what is coming

#ILoveWhat’sComing was a beautiful game to play! Endless opportunities to see the future coming towards us as a Generation Game conveyor belt of prizes…

Scene from the Generation Game gameshow

I noted a few of the ‘good things coming’ that came to mind when I put my Heart in Green zone / neutral and said…

#I love what’s coming: 

  • A week of connecting with people online
  • Being able to contribute to the #IPWOA
  • People articulating effectively together about our politics
  • Greater consensus in the UK about what is good for the common good
  • Alllll the good stuff I don’t even know about! 
  • Spending much more time in the Green HRV zone in the future – good for health, wealth and planet for us all
  • Mmmm… breakfast
  • Continuing to learn how to care for my wellbeing
  • A sandwich!
  • A walk on the hills we can see from our house 20 miles away – our first ‘drive + walk’ since Lockdown! 
  • Approx 1000 meals every year for the rest of my life!
  • All those birthdays ahead
  • Holidays and walks and outings to experience
  • Films I’ll watch

This ‘looking ahead to what’s coming’, and generating good feelings (coherence) in the present is a beautiful new step for me. It is the soft antidote to the tendency of my autistic brain to see the future as either dreadfully problematic or so undefined as to appear dull.

It’s hard to explain – as it may appear childish… But I have now seen that relishing and appreciating – past, present or future – is genuinely key to heart coherence and a balanced ANS.

Also, this Lockdown has taught me how very much there is to be enjoyed in the simplest things, without need for external affirmation, travel or money.

Let’s do the Inner Balance practice.

***15minInnerBalanceMed – 61% high coherence – av. coherence 2.5***


Screenshot of Inner Balance app

[Not my best. I’m a bit nervy about the amount of work and prep I need to do today.

So, dear soul, please go ahead and prep. Work more with #ILoveWhat’sComing. Let’s pick up from here tomorrow.]

*****Back the next day****

This Inner Balance device is teaching me to really get calm and present before I do things – delivering an online training session for example; or to use my daily walk to riff on what I’m appreciating in my mind. Why is this so powerful? It means I’m spending more of my day in coherence. I hadn’t realised now much of my day I was spending in the stress state of incoherence and sympathetic ANS. This device is making me more aware. And I think the results are becoming apparent.

Last night, I slept 7h50mins between 22.02pm and 06.48am according to my FitBit! With really good restorative sleep – meaning  my heart rate actually dropped below my resting heart beat for most of the night. Look:

FitBit screenshots of sleep data today
FitBit screenshots of sleep data today


Playing #ILoveWhat’sComing is a really good way to get into the positive present too, and bring a sense of appreciation, optimism and relief about the future. (This is basically the antidote to anxiety – what a gift!)

Let’s do today’s Inner Balance session.

***15minInnerBalanceMed – 77% high coherence – av. coherence 3.3***

Inner Balance app screen shot today
Inner Balance app screen shot today

Do you know what helped me settle in to high coherence?

  1. Following the breathing ‘chaser’ and holding ‘no thought’ – just very neutral in my brain
  2. Then, bringing in real time affirmation – first ‘I am safe, I am ok, I am sitting here’… then more in the Abraham-Hicks morning rampage of appreciation mode: ‘Here I am, and everything is working out for me. Good things are coming to me today. I’m doing so well…’

Useful to know. Honestly, the Inner Balance device is like a kindly lie detector – the moment you slip in to ruminative thought or anxious sensations, it notifies you! Amazing.

So today?

Today is a good day, a really good day. Everything is working out for you. Everything is going smoothly, and there’s really no need to bring too much energy (or ‘zazz’) to what you do today. It’s all under control. You have a great routine and it covers all that needs to be covered. So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all good things are flowing to you, and the more you settle in to neutral mind or the positive present, the more you are lining up with all the good things, and the more you will be able to relish what is. Yes, relish what is. 

I love the word ‘relish’. What is ‘zazz’?

Zazz is the surge of energy you put in to something that you very much want to work well. Only, it is often so ‘surgey’ that it shorts the circuits. It certainly introduces incoherence. Your zazz is generated by the belief that effort makes the thing work. But nature is not like that. Time, sun, water, patience and relishing make all the things work: the trees to grow and the fruits to appear as if from nothing. Remember your Tao Te Ching? Softly does it, dear soul. Softly does it. 

If you have energy to pour in to a moment, pour it in to relishing what already is, and what you sense to be coming of its own accord. 

Beautiful – and will take a bit of practising. Thank you so much.

I am relishing what is, and what is coming (#NoZazz)

to like or enjoy something:
I always relish a challenge.
If you relish the idea or thought of something, you feel pleasure that it is going to happen:
She’s relishing the prospect of studying in Bologna for six months.
the enjoyment you get from doing something:
She ate her cake slowly and with relish.


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